Sardonic Love Song

I swear to Freud you are right,

I swear on my third edition bible

Nothing rubs me better than a

Machiavellian baby, baby, yeah


I love how you know I’m wrong

and how I just don’t know it yet;

and how something deep-seeded

is behind my every simple word–


I Really do love all that, baby, oh

how I really do; how fortunate am

I, to have someone who knows me

in such ways no one ever should,


or even could–Damn, baby, am I

really that lucky, or what, fuck it,

read between all my lines and go

write me up with brand new ones–


You know it’s true, baby, that if I

say this then it means I mean that,

and that if I deny then it means

I’m a stubborn Leo–right, baby?


Damn, baby, how’d you know all

this stuff about me that I didn’t?

You are just so damn wise, baby,

and such a people person, too–


I want real love, baby, the kind

they write about in magazines.



One thought on “Sardonic Love Song

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