Some things I’ll never understand,
such as the significance of flowers
The feelings they elicit are very real
Many people have a favorite flower
certain names fancy certain names
In me any petal will strike the same
Perhaps it’s due to me being this guy,
in this life, this culture, this bla bla bla
Why boys are blue and girls are pink,
how Ken has Barbie and has no balls,
GI Joe is an action figure, bla bla bla
And it carries over with time, bla bla
I drink whiskey, she drinks a slushy
with vodka in it and it tastes delicious
Her cigarettes are slim, named it too
She loves sun flowers, I think me too
Bees would be offended if they knew,
we like to think we know about flowers
I would be the first to tell bees I don’t
I’d be like I don’t know about flowers
In me any petal will strike the same



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