A Wishful Note to Jonathan Franzen


Jonathan Franzen would have a fit if he ever reads this. If I’m lucky at least, and he reads it, he will have a fit, because he seems to do that whenever he feels he’s been misinterpreted on anything, which is apparently often. Jonathan Franzen is one of my favorite authors. I don’t have many favorite authors. But I would be so honored if one, Jonathan Franzen ever reads this, and two it inspires him enough to publish an essay about how wrong it is, or whatever. In true Jonathan Franzen fashion. Like he did in Mr Difficult. I would be so honored. I would have to brag about it to no end. Not to say I worship the guy, even at all, but I would be honored. I would frame his response, I would hang it on my wall. This is a pipe dream, that I’ll inspire him to write an essay, but you get what I mean. I think he is great.

I could blog on any best-selling author’s work in this world and never anticipate the chance of a response. But with Franzen, there is a chance! I mean I could also be hit by a bus tomorrow. There is a chance. I could also choke and die on a sandwich tonight. There is a chance of that, if I do have a sandwich tonight, there is a chance. I want Franzen to go all Oprah on me. That would be so cool. It is a pipe dream, I know. I mean Franzen wrote Mr Difficult because of fan mail. I’m not sending anything to his home, so. But I do wonder how often he combs the web, googling his own name. No shame in that. His name is out there, in many places. If he does it thoroughly enough he might find this. That would be so cool. No matter what he’d say I’d have to respond. Even if his piece is in the New Yorker, and mine is on Garden Path, I would have to respond. So Jonathan Franzen, if you are reading this I hope you are inspired, more than Richard was, at least.


Lucas M Meyer


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