In the wake of my destruction
sifting through my pieces
Artifacts I’ve broken
pains me none-so-ever
In the wake of my destruction

Relief I’d not anticipated
But I look around this room
covered in debris
Reconstruction is inevitable
But I find no time to clean
the ruble, I’ll let it be
and live with my destruction

It seemed it would never end
and perhaps it never will
But can I sit and I can think
and I can breathe and I can drink
my wine in peace and not in need
In the wake of my destruction
ears stay cropped

The walls will disapprove
The walls have seen it all
My every swing, every loss
Everything that could not speak
that payed Hell to my crowbar
The walls had seen them fall

Four days with no casualties
but a dresser, two nightstands
half a couch, a kitchen knife,
and a bent machete
Bruises, a slice to my palm

Corpses slain
at the feet of my walls
hold their fallen brothers
and whisper rumors of defeat
yet I feel no remorse
In the wake of my destruction
The end of an unjust war



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