–is Bliss.

Do I need to leave my body–
I’m asking you a question–
Do I need anything at all?

When I feel good I’m rolling,
spinning wheels not knowing,
I’m not going anywhere at all

I don’t care to disprove it,
I don’t care at all.


Great Wall of Luke

A part of me has died, and I am haunted by its ghost
My inner dialogue is starring souls I no longer know
The present is too puny for me to give them credit
Hostility and worries sum the totality of this mode
Assurance and redemption is the pipe dream of this mode
Separation of Luke and Luke is the quiet truth of this mode
When I can be disturbed by that I will keep my mouth shut
That’s the thing with insidious, you never see it coming
Same with real addiction, it always keeps you running
Grandiosity–self-gratification–consolation prizes are free
Lemonade is sustenance, washing down a chimichanga
Baby steps ‘ll get me through, planning it is nothing new
When I can keep my mouth shut, that’s the litmus test


Boom, roasted.

You’re cold like a toilet seat on christmas morning
You’re cool like an embarrassing song on shuffle
You’re useful like a snapple cap
You’re polite like a resignation speech
You’re funny like the bone
You’re painful says a masochist
You’re addictive like a yawn
I like you like I like bad reasons
I like you because I’d rather be wrong
I like you like a panda likes an activist
I trust you like a wrestler takes a fall
You’re comfortable like skipping brushing teeth
You’re static like a propeller plane with BPD
I put up with you like a date with Sallie Mae
You expect from me things I swear I’ll never pay
I need you like I need an extra set of eyebrows
I need you like a lab rat needs its cheese
You need me like a chef needs a suggestion
You enjoy me like a shark likes eating garbage
I’m cold like the loneliest hot pocket at two am
I’m cool like the decisions that put that in
I’m hot like molten lava at the other end
You need me like a tycoon needs a twenty
You need me like a homeless man needs a penny
You put up with me like Mount Rushmore getting famous
You adapt with me like an orca proves its name
You’re relatable like that guy that we all know
You’re sensible like a movie critic
You’re on point like sifted hay
You’re a leper potter with a slab of clay
You’re a children’s book for grown adults
You die harder than Charlie Brown



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