Without a track, without a cart, nothing stops

I can write you off, and I can tell you why

I can assure myself everyday with why I’m right

What things I tell myself to plow through a day


All the distractions that come my way

and running these over, as ruthless as I might

Pushed to my side as they scream, I don’t listen

My mind revs in idle, destinations come to me


A hitchhiker, with a finger for his thumb

Always in the moment, the one he formaldehydes

the moment he lost it, somehow stays with him


I can assure myself everyday with why I’m right

on why I owe nothing, and it’s true that I don’t

I afford being lonely, destinations come to me

If you resurrect a horse, necks turn to rubber


I’m not sure what I think, just know what I feel

I went back upstairs and stopped in a doorway

I fell in a bed, and I smiled, I was lonely

Let us hope they pass through me


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