Everything, 2

Fonzie Philosophies

Synthetic is clean
Nature is dirty
For dirt is natural,
dirt is never wrong
But what is synthetic
but byproducts of nature
Nothing is ever wrong

"Happy Days"

Wiesel Words

I couldn’t care more if I loved you
I speak therefore pump blood
no alchemy required
The nexus works both ways
If blood is blood is blood
Indifference has nothing to say
The denser bears the weight


Boom Roasted, 2

You couldn’t keep a cactus
alive in Arizona
You couldn’t beat the heat
if the Sun died for you
You’re not an astrophysicist
but you need assistance talking
and wiping your ass
Like Stephen Hawking

You couldn’t keep a secret
if it were your own genital warts
You couldn’t be more self-aware
than today’s fifteenth self-portrait
You’re kind of like a selfie stick
we were all too ready for you
regardless we deplore you
you are banned from many places

I shouldn’t win the lottery
but you could be struck by lightning
Nice things for me to pray for
You’re a sin my God should die for
One good book I’d love to read

You bag more douche than CVS,
your hole is relative to the nation’s mass,
you’re a bigger faggot than a bundle of sticks
planking the headstone of a freshly digged grave
You’re a dumber bitch than my St Bernard




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