Flintstones were cloned from Neanderthal DNA found in ice caves.
Flintstones exist only In a bio-dome funded by general mills,
maker of fruity pebbles

This conspiracy, still in process, called Rip Van Twinkle Toes
aims to slingshot the Flintstones past 50,000 years of extinction,
catching them up with, to the extent possible, present humans.

Despite a charity of shortcuts to our modern knowledge,
Flintstonian imitation has yet to find par.
Flintstonian attempts to replicate the car, for example,
render foot-powered steamrollers, of a seated operation,
immensely less useful than man’s horse powered modes
which he has long utilized, not to mention surpassed.

Flintstones have advanced, somehow, in particular areas.
Inexplicable adeptness in understanding human language,
even to the extent of adopting contemporary human accents,
has GM researchers stumped with disconnections to numerous failures.

Subject “Fred,” was offered insight to animal-powered transportation.
Fearing this to be “Dinosaur abuse” however, he refused it.
He then fed his pet dinosaur, named “Dino” (a conspiracy also,)
then dragged his car for 5 miles in bare feet to his place of work, a quarry,
where brontosauruses, as if machines, smashed heads into boulders.


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