Tightening up free thought

ha ha ha. ha.

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry. Let’s get this going.

I had this idea that I knew what I was doing.
And I still believe that I do.

It’s so grandiose, to be so self styled. But that’s so me. ← echk.

I gotta, ahahaha, this won’t go as planned.

I’m like, the Shell silverstein of crack. That’s false.
That’s tightening.

I have a strategy now for the internet.

General strategy. Default Strategy. Top secret.

That’s paranoia.
I’m a rule breaker, stroking my ego.
or I’m a, narcissist. of insignificant things gotta
defend myself. That’s vulnerable.

3|Is that being a pussy?
Na dude, that’s being honest and– ← jesus
who was I thinking of?
I forget them already.
I can’t now finish the thought.← echk.
That’s integrity.
And let me say why.

4|Hope I still have you. This is, so dirty.
BuT This is integrity. This poem must go on.

I’ve now skipped over a many few thought.
but only for like, a minute or two.
or more. ← true
There might be five points.

It’s worthwhile. First time I’m doing this ← offensive
and now, at this moment, I’m questioning its integrity. ← context

4|Is that being a pussy/bitch? ← rephrase this
Na, dude. I won’t.
it’s me not believing in myself.

oh Touche–BUT.

I’m gaanna dig myself out of this castle.

6|The edit is the saver of grace.
Considerable thought is now in motion.
Because that’s integrity. That word.

has been on my mind all week. ← true
One more thing. on my mind all this week is
melodramas carry undue connotations.← not really true.

That’s real + an informal agenda in mind
+ not giving a fuck which has profound meaning
than might some assume. which sounds snobby.
I’m not tightening up I’m just freethoughting.
↻ I feel you. ← wow.

4.5| I deleted the final statement.

We both work for the same goal. →actual final statement.

for kicks:



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