You robbed me 80 dollars three days ago,
and in the most astonishing, elaborate manner
I’ve seen since the last time you needed cash.

Unacceptable. Although you’ve paid me back
the equivalent of 60 dollars in various tender.
I won’t get the final twenty. I know this.
You know this.

The first time I met you — Let me just say,
I’ll remember the moment the rest of my life.

You’ve been to prison for an attempted murder.
You say this was in self defense and I believe it.
You have a sincere addiction, and a knack for lying,
but you care about me, and it’s been proven.

You help me out in ways that you can,
and also you remember things. We get along.

I know you need money. And you do pay back.
It would be nice though, if one day you tried asking.

All in all, you are more than a good person,
and experienced in life like no one else I know.
You are my longest friend in town.



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