I think that’s where they go.

Somewhere in a mall

a man sits in a chair

and waits for someone

to make him leave.


Near my condo,

a park bench

swaps with a wheelchair

in the night.


Every morning

he wheels up the road.

A flat road in florida,

not to discredit him.

I don’t know where he goes.


On 4th and 5th,

there is a desire path

to the side of a building,

where someone squats

and smokes little cigars.


One day I was on 4th-

a woman in a sports bra-

old, and crazy, and black-

not to discredit her-

was screaming like a banshee.

Everyone walked past her.


Next to Lowe’s on 22nd,

along the train tracks,

inside shrubs along fences,

little spaces and tents.

I see them from the road.


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