Everyone should be protagonists.

If you are not the protagonist
in the story of your life,
only the positive will survive.

The ultimate alchemy
turns your antagonist
into your muse;

If you don’t have
something mean to say,
then don’t say anything at all,
should be your maxim.

|Innovating vision
is always in man’s desire.
From reading stones,
to magnified glass,
to the hubble telescope,
and beyond.

His appetite in a periscope,
far away he rests his eyes.
Like treadmills, hamster wheels,
the world keeps on spinning.
The living room is always there.

|Try instead 3-D glasses.
These are ying-yang lenses-
Two lenses, of any color scheme
that pair the strongest contrast.
As vision is bifocal, forced to fuse,
this makes subjects brighter;

Find the apple of your eye,
and it will pop out to you.


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