More like abyss.

No one gets fifteen minutes of fame.
Pop art was wrong. It’s more like fifteen years,
if not for life.

I get it. I do. Really.
one universe is one too many. I’m sure I agree.

But someone needs to tell her I’m not her King Koopa.
Someone needs to tell him his obvious flaw.

There once was a time I was the Gary Sinise of facebook,
in my circle of facebook friends, but that was long ago.
And not once did I strive for a bigger role.

I could have been Tom Hanks, says the life coach
on my shoulder. Alas.

In all seriousness, that was different, and not this.

Now. I agree with Shamoo. Al dente, yuck.
Dinosaur Jr will have ghosts and stuff.
But it’s all just as well.


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