You can call me Al.

Until you crash and burn,
you have no wisdom to speak of.
What you have is conventional wisdom
brought by common sense and intuition.

Will an egg break if I
throw it against a wall?
If I throw acid in a nun’s face,
will God let me into heaven
if I tell him I am sorry?

Drugs don’t represent darkness.
I will tell you what represents darkness.

|Nobody reads books.
Celebrities pretend they read books,
and get immortalized in posters
on library walls.

Art Garfunkel
has read thousands of books,
and he brags about it on his website:

Fabio has no such website.

|Self immolation.
Requires passion. That’s for sure.
More passion than I possess.
But if you ever self-immolate,
Wikipedia will have an entry for you.


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