Hip Chart

Hipsters adore obscurity,
and yet, they seek credibility.
That is their biggest problem.

Preps are either wealthy,
or they evoke the illusion.

Hipsters provoke illusions.

Who is more ashamed,
is it the self hating jew,
or is it the self hating hipster?
Which one has
the more popular meme?

Who is more cool,
is it Modest Mouse,
indie you don’t know,
eighties punk,
eighties hip hop,
or Cherokee folk music?

If cool means popular,
popular means famous,
and hipsters are united,
it’s Modest Mouse.

Hipsters are easy targets
because they are robbers.

The only loophole,
as far as they’re robbers,
is indie music,
and not every hipster
is a musician.
So no.

Some hipsters
are more easy than others.


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