Somewhere In The Gulf Of Mexico

With a careless drop of my arm, I crush poseidon’s chariot.
His narrow escape in the nick of time, i don’t even see,
but it was then his trident shanked my neck.
I’d thought at first this was a sea bug.

I pull out the trident as Poseidon mermans toward me.
His fists cocked back and ready to swing.
I hack out a loogie that envelops his body.
He is smacked back down to ocean floor.
Motionless, buried in my mucus, it traps him forever.

Poseidon’s daughter, Ariel, peaks her head from behind a rock.
I take her as a concubine. She does not fight this.
We celebrate the night with a feast of crab and flounder.

I am loved by them all. They crown me,
the new king of the sea.


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