Another Declaration of war to the LMH

People fear many things, as everyone knows.
But this doesn’t discount that any statement if it is less
than entirely positive it has the ability to ignite
the ire of anyone who happens to read it.

Even positivity may piss some people off.
Some people are afraid of goodness I have heard.
Everyone knows this.

To try and explain reasons for this is not my aim,
or worthwhile in my estimation. I’m no scientist.
I will however speak science whenever I want,
and I will speak anything else whenever I want.
Including milk and honey.

In conclusion: do not bring a peace lily to the wild west–
because that is where this is–and expect unanimity.

No matter how badly you may want the land for yourself,
you don’t own this shit. No you do not.

Sorry. Tough fucking nougies.
You are gonna stumble onto shit you do not like.
I read such things all the damn time. These usually
consist of milk, and honey, and covert aggression.
The big three.

One compliment, to citizens of lands of milk and honey:
You’re more unified than a civil rights movement.

Sorry for burning down the village again,
and stealing the honey, and defiling the milk,
and kidnapping the children.

I have your goods in my possession.
To have them back, you will need to fight.

Enjoy your matier passes.


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