The subtlety of a baboon

Where’s the hostility?
Bear with me, friend.

Now there is the breakfast of champions.

In the future, Chinese restaurants
will be known for cleanliness.

Point out flaws, and in time,
They’re corrected.

You’re either Jesus, or the antichrist.
Either you, fake it till you make it,
Or you die trying.

Either way you have enemies.

I’m not sure if the Romans are evil.
And it’s not a stretch to say the antichrist
Is just trying to be like his heroes.

Whether on moons, suns, in oceans or deserts-
On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog
Is a famous cartoon, published in 1993.

The difference between a mirage and a delusion?

Such as a distraction to one’s peace of mind-
Still, nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet.

Everyone on the Internet is looking for attention.
All who claim otherwise are wrong.

Informal logic is logic, says logic.
And in 2016, in the reign of the selfie generation,

Word to the disillusioned:
This hodgepodge of words:

falling, water, reflecting, gold, guilt, envy, lies,
drowning, grey, demons, ghosts, narcissists,
fighting, melancholy, crying, empathy.

It’s the difference between milk and honey.

Image by me.

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