Icarus would be insulted.

I feel bad for Icarus. Not because he died

but because his legacy is for foolishness. For flying too far, too high.

He was only the second person to achieve the miracle of human flight.

Such opportunities don’t get handed out to just anyone.


I bet Icarus had played his cards pretty well to get to that point.

Maybe it was his relentlessness that got him that far.

Unless it was just nepotism.


But the world was not enough, Icarus believed, and in the sky he saw no bounds.

But the point is I’d like to see the biography on Icarus.


I bet Icarus was an ambitious, upright, and confident young man

who fell a victim to something unknowable.

Something unknowable, such as how the atmosphere works, to ancient greeks.


But in that specificity, I get it. I do. There is conventional wisdom to every myth

but to us moderns, Icarus has become maybe too conventional.


He’s like the unintentional glory hog of convention.

Nobody, myself included, even thinks to remember the father’s name,

and he was the one who designed and built the damn wings, and tons of other things.


I feel like he’s partly responsible not to mention.


So if I get sick because I ate three cookies too many

does that count as flying too close to the sun?


Or, to be fairer to the advocates of Icarus twice a day,

what if I get fired from my job because I was drunk with power and bullied subordinates?

I feel like that’s closer to pulling an Icarus,


but it’s maybe closer yet to pulling one of the other myths.

Not that I’m a classics scholar. I don’t think one needs to be.


Either way, is it the same as crashing back to earth? Is that poetic justice in effect?


For that matter, Icarus flew too close to the sun only once.

It was the very thing that killed him.
One point is to show some humility.


3 thoughts on “Icarus would be insulted.

  1. What a fascinating idea – I have certainly never thought of Icarus beyond the old story told about him. does it take an Icarus to take major risks ? which wil sometimes fail if the endeavour is very new ?

    1. sure. Sounds like Icarus. Gravity of a situation is on what I’m harping. Maybe there can be an Icarus 2.0 for nonfatal consequences. the principle is there. One that’s for failure. Something which, depending on how one defines it, may happen all the time.

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