This Opportunity.

So the guy who writes small remarks
every time, since I noticed him

has made another one.
As per his norm.

Something about his opposite,
telling riddles to police
bewildered offers pennies
and anti-intellectualism
to a point of violence

Inexplicably, he
chalks it up to syllables.

Like a rubik’s cube,
I know this is solvable,
just a tremendous waste of time.

As today is a new day,
I also want to take this opportunity
to recognize the vincent van gogh of poetry.
Saw him last night for the first time ever.
He has called himself this for a hot minute.
That guy is a faggot.

I also want to take this opportunity
to give a general fuck you to anyone
who I’ve mindlessly left out.

Trust me there is no way
I wouldn’t respond to your bullshit
unless it wasn’t compelling,
or I just haven’t seen you.

Chalk it up to just haven’t seen you.


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