If I had one less ball.

Compare it to the pool of thought,
and find it is a drop of water.

So what if sometimes
my guilty pleasure is I imagine me
doing everything you do.

Curiosity killed a fraction of cat.

I finally got my teeth fixed.
They’re not as white as printing paper.
More like a natural pearl.

I didn’t miss the point. The
one to my my own point. No.
I didn’t miss it. It’s been omitted.
There is another point, though,
and it’s not this:

This one time I had cancer.
I rarely talk about it.
It means so little to me,
beyond the fact it had happened to me,
and that I’ve yet to win a tour de france.

It wasn’t ball cancer, though.
Like his was. The cancer that I had.
And I’m hardly a cyclist.
Maybe if it was ball cancer, then
I’d have some need to compensate for
the one I’d’ve lost.
Then I’d win a Tour de France.
I’m sure of it.
If not that, at least, a super bowl,
or something else.

It was burkitt’s lymphoma.
The cancer that I had.
In any case I rarely talk about it.
I just spring it out on people
once every few blue moons.
They never know what to say.
I’m usually smoking a cigarette.


6 thoughts on “If I had one less ball.

  1. Jake Bailey talked about Burkitt’s cancer on YouTube last December. It blindsided him at the time, but he went and delivered his speech at his school’s end of year prize giving. he knows how you felt.

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