A summation on happy places

Like chubs once said,
to achieve efficient concentration,
you gotta go to your happy place.

How am I gonna beat Shooter McGavin
if I can’t beat the clown?

Truer words are rarely spoken.
It is sometimes easy to scoff off
what may seem as a lesser challenge
when greater odds loom in one’s distance.

Perhaps what Chubbs is telling us
is that it is only prudent for one
to distinguish confidence from bravado,
easiness from laziness,
convention from from self deception,
fear from self doubt,
and the challenge from the distraction.

To find that happy place, that place of zen,
one mustn’t inflate their personal standards
to their imagined levels of the undefeated foe;
As Chubbs aptly states:
You’re gonna give that shit up,
and you’re gonna concentrate on golf.

Yes. True. But. Is a happy place a putting green?

For some, it may be a putting green.
A happy place transcends the bounds of time and space;
It is a world of clouded earth, dream and splendor;
It is held in the cradle of one’s mind in the physical brain,
which rendered lucid, partitions by a porous wall
of unshattering desire and determination
to execute whatever task may be at hand.

A happy place, my friend, is no rose colored pair of glasses;
as well known in cases of both the blind, and the deaf,
in the absence of one sense, complimenting senses heighten;
in cases of happy places, senses are likewise phenomenal.
Observers of subjects in their happy places may notice
subjects become appearingly delirious, and may seem
inebriated, visibly impaired in some cognitive manner;
But, as subjects execute their tasks with godlike precision,
this illusion becomes clear, as subjects reveal themselves
supremely sensible.

A happy place is a transient experience, of course,
as everyone knows, it is brief, although powerful.


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