Midnight Snack

Just what do you think you are doing here by the lake at this time?
You are supposed to be asleep. You snuck out of the house again.

Slender man is it?

You have been reading creepypastas again, haven’t you?

Bub. Bub. No. No- no no no. No.
I’m not gonna hear it.
Listen to me. There is no,
such thing,
as slender man.

He does not exist. He is not secretly nice–were he real
and he is not looking for orphans. To
set them free or, whatever it is you said.
You’re not even an orphan.

I know who he is. Yes. I know about slender man.
Bub — Bub — I’d read about him in the times!

Come on, bring it in, just — just leave those stones here.
The’ll still be there in the morning, you can get them then.

Hey. That uhm, that boy
named Timothy.
Is he out here with you?

He had better not be here!
Timothy! Hey! Hey!
I know you’re out here! So does your mother!

I saw him once with a ouija board.
Alright I believe you. Fine. He doesn’t do that.
Call him Jeff? No I will not call him Jeff the killer.
Stop associating with this.
Bub — You are lucky you are a child.


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