She said it and she meant it

Seems like it’s been seasons.
I remember the day
when you left me.
You swore to me then,
You were gonna get over me.
You even said you already had.

I recall you kicking up dust
off the lot in the red bronco,
that piece of shit I sold
to your brother for too much money.

You never forgave me for that.
For ripping him off.

Seems like it was seasons ago.

It’s not a said and done,
it’s a say it and keep saying it.

Every time I’d hear your threat.
The old, “If you don’t” …
“shape up your act,” and

I tip my hat to your class, though.
Never once did I hear fuck you.

You kept your word.
You left me high and dry.

I hear you’re in the tundra now.
In the Yukon.
Good god.

Honestly I,
really do hope you find that gold
you’re looking for up there.
But honestly I
have my doubts.

The gold rush was ages ago.
But reality tv shows.
Your grandfather’s money.
God rest his soul.

You might find a bear up there.
Probably no gold.

I’m always in Wyoming, in Casper.
Same place where you left me.

Anytime you’re back in town.

Your sister and I’d love to have you.

Love, Cody


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