By the triangle of Bermuda,

Who in the abyss is Patricia?


Like whale watchers in Nantucket,

the people want Patricia.

Like crabbers and cages.


Deeper than the Mariana trench

they say.

Colder than the arctic circle

Is my guess.

As haunted as the sea of Japan.


Ironic like the Ivory Coast,

Darker than volcanic sands,

Realer than the Caspian Sea.


More tempting than saltwater,

less common than vitamin c,

as brittle as a fucking iceberg.


She’s sharper than a bed of coral

they say.

A barrier as great as the reef.


A blessing like a falling coconut,

a savior like fermented sauerkraut,

a necessity like a shorewalker.


My no. 1 hasn’t changed.



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