The Good Fight

Not gonna lie,
I feel like I beat you every time.
Maybe not to first haiku.
Lazy haikus, by the way.
But to substance.

You’re not bad, but you are lazy.
Your volume, though, is incredible.
Definitely a volume puncher.
That is what you are.

No true knockout power in you.
At least none that I’ve seen.
But who really has knockout power?
I think it is mythical, really-
In wars of words,
Knockout power is probably a myth.
I’ve never been KO’d.

I don’t often fight you.
Your army of beautiful women.
I have fought a couple or few,
and never saw them again.
I presume they are defeated.
I consider myself undefeated.

The tennis court comprises players
but no net and no boundaries.
The players all have rackets.
The refs also all have rackets.
The most obvious problem.

But if you want to arm wrestle me,
or contest me in a race
to grow the first full beard-
From what I gather you are a woman-
I should probably beat you.


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