With Whom One Wars

In the ocean,
war is a horrific hyperbole.

But that is the litmus test
for determination of war-worthiness
without a shadow of a doubt.
Simply employ the magic word.

If one engages in ocean war,
one is not trolling. Trolling is different.
Trolling has devolved to just being a bastard.
Ocean war however, although an enigma to some
is a different phenomenon, distinct on its own.
Engagement of the practice between parties is mutual,
as in real wars, the only difference is no one is killed.

Words may hurt. This is true of course.
Everyone knows this.
Only a fool would dispute this.
And this is why war is not meant for everyone.
If one cannot handle punches,
one should not throw punches

So with whom does one war?
There are two schools to answer this question.

The primary school is sensible to any seaman.
Follow one’s nose and look for a mouth.
At most raw, this means to look for a shit talker.
Defensiveness, and I don’t say that as a putdown,
but defensiveness is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner
of these champions.

The other school requires insight on war.
For elite warriors only; those to whom war is the way.
Speaking as one, I choose to war with people who ask for it.
People to whom I would otherwise have no connections;
These people are my prime candidates-
these people comprise the brunt of my casualties;
People who I do not like but like to fight and,
likewise do not like me but at least fight back.

As to whether or not these people enjoy to fight back,
that much is fastly obvious.
There is only one way to expedite the answer,
and that is to use the magic word: war.

War is a heavy word. Which is why it is hyperbolized.
Hostility in war is hollow, but the aggression is real.
Under the the guise of war, the title floats in satire.

One should, I think use a different word than war,
one that doesn’t necessitate death in its actual application-
If, the objective in said war is only to win an argument.

Due to some inextricable elements, native to the ocean,
and the medium, which is poetry, the metaphor is worthwhile.

Argument is a dirtier business than war.


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