Who has the Time?

Time doesn’t give a fuck, clearly.
About the beings who live by time.
Which is all of them.
Time runs itself in continuum without pauses.

Theoretically one can slow time.
That’s all the dirt though, that anyone has on time.
We are all slaves to time, and if we could be free,
nothing would make sense.

A little boy stares in the mirror at age 96,
and he notices nothing. Just one piss shit example.

For me, I notice that time is soft but firm.
Like a stretchy arm hulk hogan doll,
time can be disobeyed to an extent,
but unlike a hulk hogan stretchy doll,
time doesn’t ever cease to snap you back.
If one adopts a nocturnal lifestyle, as I have,
one experiences wakefulness more often.
That’s gotta be universal to all diurnals I’d bet.
But that’s the tradeoff to life in the night.
In the night, it’s you and the world.
And in the day, you’re still a part of it.


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