Wannabe Gadfly.

Socrates was made to drink poison
not because he was annoying,
but because he was a persuasive dissenter
to many unturnable opinions that were
upheld and championed by the Man
of his time
to whom Socrates would stick it;

And by whom in turn Socrates was punished.
Socrates was put to death for social disruption.
For his civil disobedience which was revulsions
to the status quo, presented to in such cogency
that, the status quo had feared for its safety
despite the source of the threat of the change was
but one man, Socrates, the Man, unable to
disprove him opted to instead sanction his execution.

Defenders of Socrates reasoned
the philosopher was a gadfly to society;
a roundabout way to say he wasn’t wrong;
probably the boldest supporting statement
one could’ve made without sharing his fate.

Socrates was made to drink the poison,
not simply because he was an asshole
but simply because he refused to hide his dissent,
not to mention he wasn’t some dummy.
He was motherfucking Socrates.
I mean even Aristotle was his bitch.
Or his student, his bromance, or whatever.

Plato. That’s ancient Greece for you, huh.
Point is though when Socrates spoke it mattered.
Though evidently less than compared with
words said by the Man, the bringer of his death.socrates


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