If the flesh may fry, if the muscle is meat,


all is feasible in the microwave cookbook.
Outdoing the slow roast of all that we knew.
As if we have the choice,

three out of four right answers agreed,
give the people what they want,
the shortest distance between two points –
like the spring mechanism to a mouse trap,
the weight of a hammer
defies anatomy in favor of speed.

Through a useless leg that doesn’t lift,
empathy enforces by a counterfeit joint,
and diplomacy of a bitter conglomerate
understands implosion better than anyone;

Components revulse upon contact
like equivalent magnetic fields
coerced on a hinge, rejecting the system,
they smack into each other, again and again,
until it is broken. Until it is free.

If the blood is milk,
you gotta break some spines
for you to keep one.



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