Children of The sun: Hangmen To Your Soul

They talk about the heart,
like it’s something brand new;
They teach you how to love,
like you short bus to the school.

If they talk about the brain,
it is just to see you slobber;
If they talk about the brain,
know a circle must be near;
To talk about the brain,
ski by landmines on the hill.

You’re modest because honest,
and secure as you stay it;
You speak because you care-
you speak because it is compelling-
you speak because you can.

To your unsolicited volunteer,
you spoke because they came-
you’re silent because they stayed;
You spoke as you’re insane-
you spoke as insecure-
you spoke as you were healing;
They speak as your cure r.

Otherwise you’re their enigma;
unlike their easier ones who just
come and then go into silence-
that sweet, everyonesawinner silence-
you’re among their hardest to cure.


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