Orbital Collision

Redundancy can be productive.
A change can be immense enough
it’s impossible to notice.
A system can be large enough
and a person can be small enough
to believe a part is in fact a whole.orbitmeyer

Countering clockwise back to center,
upwinded in time again, back to the street-
Drug users know, it’s not what you have but how you feel;
Materialism is reverse synthetics to the insatiable soul-
obfuscating the agent to the origin of the product,
it is only the stigma of continually empty pockets
and the deceivingly little it has to show for
in the light of a restaurant’s crowded walls,
or dim proof of reflecting death behind glass in museums,
or the physical substance which determines a good home;orbit4-copy

The only collections of actual breadth confine to the body,
underlapping the judgement from those equally possessing,
all such collections continue to grow,
out circled too far from center to see their own.


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