To the Critic Inside Me

critic-insidemeyer3Oftentimes I’m certain that
if I were to give in, and accept,
and believe the things you tell me
I would be living a lie to please us.

You’ve been hitting from one angle
for too long to not realize
you saw someone else
when you saw them in me.
Though you deny this, and the angle,
I sit here unscathed
in the right side of a barn.
Of course, I return shots of my own;
You gape, and collect shrapnel,
as I watch sprays from your angle
fall short and far away.

I’d have to know first I’d fallen
before your reason to stand up.
In the dueling scent of hay and febreze
it occurs me, you’re getting through.
The stranger you’d thought in me
becomes clearer, farther from home;
More I regard him, more I’m consumed,
more he unfolds, and less I may offer.

criticinsidemeyer2I made a bargain with the devil.
Encouraged by the man whom she inspired,
I told her we’re gonna build a better ship.
She said, to live a tree must branch;
She said to paint it black and disregard it,
and the tree will live despite us.-
Not because of us.

In the spirit of Australia we’re gonna prove
what was once, will not be always –
we are misfits today, well-rounded tomorrow.

Cause we’ve been hiding rations,
and fighting coastguards as if we’re pirates;
We’ve been blasting flares as weapons,
and ones in my pockets just punctured this raft.

Once again obvious points to foreseeable.
Back in oceans already,
in a construction tube we climbed inside of,
our communities pray for separation.
Once we get to where we’re going,
we might find there we are Elians.
If we get there, we’ll leave there also,
and forgo writing notes on free brochures,
and save our ink for trees that live.

criticinsidemeyerNo maps for making treasure.
No instructions for invention.
No alchemies to the reduction,
but a sturdy base in cahlukitarian ideals
and a deliberate X to mark its start.

Egalitarians now,
we had learned it the hard way
how a compass robs the stars.
The way a bingo ball surfaces atop others –
It is a part our will to be there.-
The rest of it was luck.criticinsidemeyer4


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