Fist Eaters

flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-4When the number becomes countless,
it is as if it doesn’t count at all.
Stalin said it, staticians affirmed it.
Punch fatigue rests somewhere between
complacency and jadedness.
That’s the problem with punching faces-
Once you do this, it becomes expected.

But do the punched prepare for punches?
No. They do not prepare to prevent.
People will eat punches willfully
because it does not hurt them at all.
Sound illogical? Well it isn’t.
It’s like punching a bull right in the jaw.
The most that punch will do is enrage it,
but unlike the bull, unable to gorge you
they’ll just so to speak punch you back.

No punishment can stop the punch.
When punching back, they say indignation.
Indignation means basically you’re guilty
to an unrequited beatdown.
Unless you requit the beatdown,
then you’ve appealed the case,
and if you appeal the case well,
suddenly the answer becomes muddled,
and all depends on who punches last.
I promise you that is how it works.

When punching first,-
nobody even knows who punched first.
Individually two might think they know,
but as a people we haven’t a clue.
The first punch had happened so long ago,
and there have been so many punches,
and so much indignation,
and so many disobedient dominos,
no one really knows.


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