He’s been eating bones his whole life.

Sees new Reagan.
Thinks he can do it all over again.
Look at Ralph Nader.
Look at how fuckless he is.
Changes the channel.
Look at him think about
underappreciated killers of us.
He’s gonna roll with it. Slams the door.
“We’re gonna shut that mouth.”
Gets buried in coughs.

Justifies it. Look at Ralph Nader.
Look at his twenty dollar suits.
“Tell them about the antimatter.”
Ralph Nader slams his fist:
If you’re worried about safety,
I bet it’s not the speed of danger,
as much as the point of entry.

“Too much meat, huh, Ralph Nader.”
Ralph Nader cracks his knuckles.
Never enough meat he says.
Rolls up his sleeves.
“Been eating bones my whole life.”

Someone chuckles,
“Good luck, Ralph” he tells him.
Ralph Nader winks at him:
Got more rabbits feet and broken bones than I know what to do with.nader


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