Vaudeville days

I remember certain days.

I remember transitions.

I remember the locket and chain.

I relish the present subtlety.


I remember the energy.

Frenetic pace,

And scenic views.


The songs we’d sing,

on the train under the moon.

Back room whiskey.

Vaudeville days.


How connected we were

in our disconnections.

We just lived our roles,

it was like a routine

unfolding itself for the first time.

That was life.

We were living it.


But those lost years came.

Vaudeville was just not cutting it.

We lost our thing and,

our flow, energy.

Honestly, maybe much more.


I remember you said:

“They’re gonna chain us to the stage!”

That last performance,

before the train stopped for good.


Throughout my heart,

those words still resonate.

From surface to core.


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