The constant answer.

I think you just have to give in
and accept it.
As a part of life,
it doesn’t have to define it.
Parts of wholes.
Wholes as parts of greater wholes.
And shit like that.

The man in Jurassic Park nails it,
when he says in his helicopter,
to the bitch who was in awe of him-
because he was a billionaire in a helicopter-
the more he tried to control,
the less control he had.

That’s just that obvious.
What isn’t these days;

Things happen,
like destined to patterns,
then we lean on perspective,
as if those are there to guide us through,
and then it’s like the world is hopeless.
So ironic.

Are these patterns ugly,
or is it the eye of the beholder.
Shit like that.
Perspective and Perception.
Shit like that is so stupid.

All I know is the world is greater
than we are,
because we can’t control it.
That’s how we know it’s true.

Just do the damn thing.
“You’re missing the point.”
So ironic.


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