This old house of God

God is not a craftsman.
Nominal son of a bitch is a psychopath,
or he’s playing the sims.
Why else is the world not a utopia-
is it because the premise is impossible,
or is it really just he’s not that great.
Dissatisfied with his favorite creation,
he beats the shit out of the Indian ocean,
makes a tsunami for them to deal with.
They get so scared and rightfully so.
It’s like permanent stockholm syndrome.
Gives them the power to one day
step in some world outside their own.
People talk about plans and what not.
Categorize themselves into fearing him
and equate this with love.

If you ask me belief in the higher power
encourages mechanisms of oppression.
It’s like a child firing a bazooka.
It’s like a chimpanzee with his own ant farm.
It’s like a doggie door to the city dump.
That’s bullshit I don’t even know.

He’s probably just playing the sims.


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