Three Ways To Die.

flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-111| I point the hole at my face,
and squeeze my finger.
Human tissue
explodes like confetti.
I paint the wall red.
I am dead.

2| Secured to my weight,
I walk beyond the edge of a dock,
and drop inside a midnight ocean.

I resist the urge to resist,
as the weight sucks me under
to the lightless bottom
and anchors in sand.

My waning strength
before I know it,
inhales the water
into my lungs.
My fading brain.
I know it’s over.
I try again.

3| I gape my mouth
around live wire.
I bite down.

Upon that moment
my power of control
vanishes inside
cemented muscles.
Unable to abort,
I cannot let go.

In seconds flesh
begins to smolder.
If my heart has stopped,
the fact is beyond me.
Front teeth fracture,
and the wire wedges
through gaps to my gums.
My tongue fuses
to the floor of my mouth.
Devoid of moisture,
charred up shells of my flesh
Ignite inflame.flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-10


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