Whatever comprises waves-
I know the matter is more than me;
for I know in oceans I may swim,
and that with waves I may drift,
the ocean I know is too vast-
great unknowns might always be.

In the light, and in the darkness,
abridged in war and in sorrow,
as seen in reds and in blues,
for the ocean to be more than me,
the ocean will be purple.
And that is where I’ll wish to be.

If I sour on the ocean,
all the ocean will be red,
all I touch will turn to salt;
and I will be infallible;
and I will be miserable.
It is then I will leave.

But this does not happen,
as in the ocean we are but two.
The ocean will dissolve this,
as the ocean is greater,
and let us each persist to be.
As we do.

The litmus test will tell you,
if the taste of me is salty,
then whom I feast on is not you.
As red is what unites us,
neither you nor I
turns either toward blue.
If you see red,
my flavor’s color is not blue.
If what you taste is as you crave,
I will see purple.


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