The difference between you

Hey I’m that
inexplicably intelligent
annoying you
on your bed
in your bedroom
at night
conversing with you
not impressing you.

I can’t believe you said that
about me.

I’m here again
to tell you now guess what you
typical bitch, you
tragically warm hearted bitch.
That first of all

my bio luminescence is a miracle of God.
Second of all, all I wanted to do
was gnaw on your skin while you sleep.

You tragically warm hearted bitch.
I go for the head. I would love to
gnaw on your skin while you sleep.

But with that albatross of hair you got,
not to mention the taste of sweat
makes me sick.
You tragically–I’m not even gonna say it.
I’m just gonna leave.

I’m a firefly. By the way.

In case you did not know.

Yeah I’m not some lightless beatle.
Some dime a dozen dimwit beatle.
Some fucking armored idiot. No.

I am a goddamn firefly.

A miracle of god.

I was the best catch in this room,
and you sent me home,
and you did it–for him.
A stag beetle. Wow.
I don’t need it.
Enjoy the crickets.
Can’t even talk his way out of a trashcan.flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-7


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