Anarchist hope

If you can roll with anything
it doesn’t have to mean you should.
But I’ll tell you what,
I only trust you when you’re dying.

Adjusting to the uprise
is a process of quiet significance.

Appeasing factions.
Painting black to hide dissatisfactions
beneath your umbrella.

Sometimes choice isn’t quite how
the definition will have you believe.

What do you do when your worst example
turns out to be what you wanted all along.

A humbled catchphrase in names of change
for its most fervent modicum
to believe in their greatness.flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-14

If he pulls it off and, the loser is correct
and they still lose their jobs,
will they have their cake and eat it too.

I imagine in his dreams he tells the current
“you’re fired.” And smiles in his sleep,
as chants of his name coo him along,
in a house no more palatial
than those which he affords.

What if he loses.
That guy. How sore he might be.
What a billionaire can do.

Could he, with his two hands pry apart
the gridlocks of a two party system
in a country that believes itself
the greatest in the world, even if-
subpar to its own standards,
or if improving since changed.
Still the greatest in the world.

An anarchist might dare to dream.


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