Love is not for us to take.
Love is meant to have us.
But how may we be had by love
if love’s burden bestows upon, one.

How does love choose
who will run, and who follows-
How does love avoid pairing
the cat and skunk.

Love, resolute in tears, but tears alone
do not bond us in love’s absence.
Love’s burden is for those who are had.
Love’s burden is love’s bond.

I had to learn the hard way
I am a pepe le pew if I am uncareful.
Therefore, I may only offer you
in my presence in your tears,
a warm hand for your shoulder,
some repetitive there’s,
and perhaps a tissue.

I extend to you the basic love
your humanity demands.
Of course, you have my good will.

But please, do not google my name.
Rumor, I swear – all of it is lies.


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