Hefty price to be real.

If anyone asks, it will be then too late.

I once had paid for that chance.

How naive was I, or how scared.

In any moment I’d sincerely question

whether I’m alone, and eventually didn’t.

In a world where nothing is inconsequential,

I paid for that chance with everything.


And so I am damned if history repeats.

They will strip me of my magic beans.

And this time,

I will have to reverse the earth’s orbit

to get them back.


In the back seat of a cop car.

And the look on my mother

when I ripped her glasses off her face.

And smashed them on the ground.

And told her to go fuck herself.


In the bright of day, in a public park.

Too real for the real world,

inspired by imagination, my

perceptions of bamboozlement

of what indeed was interventional.

Until smalltalk with an officer,

and what I thought would be my gambit

turned out to be four days against my will.


Frying eggs on my forehead,

refusing the crow choo choo training

for my mouth.

When I arrived and I met her I thought,

she must be a crackhead,

my future ex girlfriend,

as I paced the linololim

smashing palm with fist,

demanding they allow me a cigarette.

She thought me the same.

They looked at me like just another day.

They shot me with a tranquilizer.


It took me some time to swallow the crow.

Longer than they would know it.

Before you hand me my oscar.

The right answers sent me home.


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