The Hottest Hot Air.

In the everything bin
that is our love.
Options present themselves
in voids of known distaste.
But in my bliss
I stumble into your mystery
that remains to me real,
and perhaps always will.

Why I do this, in my continuum,
in spite of let downs
in little things we both
hold so dearly, I can guess.

I’m stronger than you think.
And I too have enclaves
as obvious as my skin.
I too have risked all for us to be.
I too have suffered callousness
and worse, at the hands of
ignorance and hate.

Two closet souls
when we let love be forbidden.
Secret pathways and fire escapes
in bifurcated lives
quickly eroded and we
let it happen.
In all that chaos.
Those two years.

And like the paintings
I make of you
that you adore but.
With fretful thanks,
and forced smiles.
I put them aside.
What things that you
cannot control and
what makes you
you. Little things I learn
to love about you.

I put them aside.
And let moments come
that always do
wherein I try my hardest
to not blush red
as you hold them up
and brag to our friends.

Tell me what you want today,
incompressible love.
Tell me what you want today,
and let us outdo
what you don’t.



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