Guest of Honor.

I already did.

But I live in a garden
and let in anyone who calls it home.
So I’ll see you again,
Just as soon as you start and
deweeding begins.

But now, I am weedless already.
And although to a weed in of itself
I am indifferent,

I had slaughtered the dreams of
countless dandelions to please you
And as well to ensure your returns
In the countless springs to come.

So, before nuance finds itself
In your disgusted mind
and persuades you to jettison
and paint it on a sign,
next time first remember

it is your selfless acts of charity
that displaces them here with me
And I would care less if only
they never realized they were in.

Which will not be the case
even if I’d said nothing
to my all-time favorite guest

of my shame until honor
albeit if brief or buried in caveats.

You take care now ya’ hear.



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