Victory Speech

Distractors said people like me
were too selfish and out of touch
with the common man
and his struggle
to make america great again.

Everything is temporary.
The common man spoke up
this time, yes he did.
He did and
you know what he said.–

That’s right.
Words you would think
could have only be my own.

But you’d be wrong.
I stand behind this podium.
[produces his lukesier of the year
and plants it firmly for all to see]
It was not too much meat.
[looks at himself,
sees a twinkle in his eye]
No it wasn’t. Not too much meat.
How do I know?
[looks back up, scans audience,
zeros in on malnourished person]
Well, I’m just gonna let my
trophy do my talking.
[licks his lips, produces his sword,
imagines the taste of that person]

I guess I won’t be needing this anymore.
[throws his scabbard to his spectators
seated in the front row]
Thanks for playing, America.
Thanks for playing.


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