One three.

Two plus two can equal potato.
Nonsense only means it is too much meat for them.

Is there a mission? There is no mission.
A distraction from what? It and them.
Outweighs us by the weight of the world.
The only things we can’t handle.
A distraction from what?
Dungeons of thoughts, floating about each other.
Desperate equilibriums
Shot back out into madness.
The universe enforces humility.
Vomiting stardust and rawest form energy.

The physical world is a metaphor
for what’s really going on.
Soap suds dissolving off the porcelain wall.
Conditions of unhappiness found some way
of having it.
And you slip back into reality.

He has the philosopher’s mind, and the unknowable’s focus.

Technology is a manifest thought form.
And in that the humans are gods.
The pen is a humble servant.
So is the paper, and everything greater.
Humble servants these are all.

There is no advancing of your guard.
It’s too late now.



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