A Demon Is a Demon Is a Demon.

To find one’s spirit guide in the astral plane —
happening of it is a thing better rephrased —
regardless of whether one is led astray by
a demon, a brainstem, or by a consensus.
Parasites, as hosts understandably term them,
are a spirit attachment, and aggressive seeker;
An open search in the invisible worlds for
the most rampant occupants inside oneself
is the most consequent reality to this investment.
Demonomania, and other forms of insanity,
possibly self imposed inside evolution.
Perhaps a little voice that first had told us —
and perhaps it was in the neolithic revolution —
if we ‘plant the seed, the plant will grow’
defends mortal foes who should know better.
Alchemic ideals of the old esotericism,
and knowledge before it thousands of years,
reassemble today in our new age glory;
The actual ascent of man into the cosmos,
and the time space coincidence with UFOs —
a meteoric rise of little green men who
now bask in the limelight of traditional demons —
should perhaps have one know that
we are only just putty inside something’s hand.
Though perhaps this hand is our own;
We as well are manifest thought form regardless.

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