Schizophrenia was Bicameralism is Religion is an overvalued idea.

Since hands kissed rock in caves of Lascaux;
Since rock struck rock in the Olduvai Gorge;
What’s funny to the atheist is the zeal of the believer.
Since flesh broke upon rock across the land;
Somewhere in a desert two thousand years ago,
certainly concept of god naturally would cross all minds?
Of course the world over in our conviction light shines regardless.
A spider in my mind ensues sensation of one crawling up my leg.
Hairs twitch, pattern upward, but nothing is there.
Acknowledging that, the spider disappears, melts into air.
Whatever rendered primordial man became his own.
But that in vain man proper has fathomed his creator —
confluent through millenniums of technological advancement —
and conceived in lieu of any example ascertained;
That he is wrong makes bad sense if you ask me.

flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-21 copy 14


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